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Why we do what we do

Climate Change is threatening the existence of human life on this planet. We have been ignoring the problem far too long, hoping that politics or technology will solve it. We founded LFCA because we realised that we have to start acting on our own and use our influence and network to make a contribution to the fight against climate change.

The Green Pledge

It all starts with a personal commitment: Our Green Pledge

Transformation begins with ourselves. We have developed the "Green Pledge" to systematically transform our members into climate-conscious leaders. Becoming a member of our community requires both personal and corporate action.

The Personal Pledge

Measure, make reduction goals, and finally, offset your personal carbon footprint

The Company Pledge

Appoint a Climate Officer who helps to measure, compensate & reduce your company's emissions

Do More!

We help you to do more: Talk to customers and partners and go the extra mile

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