Become a Member

You care about the climate, want to make your company more climate-friendly, and be part of a broader effort? Become a part of the movement and join us today!

The LFCA membership is free of charge and offers you a lot:

The only membership requirement we have is for you to commit to fulfilling our Green Pledge within 3 months and to building an ongoing process to reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Kick-starting your commitment

  • Clear framework and guidance towards climate neutrality. We show you where to start, provide you with specific instructions on how to do it, send you reminders, and provide support along the way. 

  • Access to our carbon footprint calculation tools. Our calculator for companies is simple to use,  tailored for digital companies, and runs on reliable data from MyClimate’s API. If you need to use a more sophisticated calculation tool, we’ll help you find it. 

  • Reduction program. This helps you plan and prioritize your upcoming climate actions. In our tool you can find 50+ impactful measures for reducing your footprint - supported by useful tips, links, and instructions.

Community, cooperation, and taking the lead in industry change

  • Invites to our private community events. We always keep our events inspirational but short and well-curated, with hands-on content and high-level speakers.

  • Community and connections. Connect with companies who face the same climate-related challenges as you. You can join our Slack community channel where 300+ Climate Officers, Leaders, and Climate Experts exchange their experiences and ideas.

  • Influence your industry and country. You can multiply your impact by participating in our community campaigns to trigger change on a higher level, aiming to set a new industry standard and influence policy makers. We believe that the digital industry should be the first to become climate neutral and set an example for other industries.

Clear communication of your environmental responsibilities

  • Market reputation. As soon as you're done with your Green Pledge, your company will be listed on our website as a verified member for the respective year. It may well be important for your employees, investors, and partners - both current and prospective - to see you listed there alongside other prominent industry players.

  • Signal your climate efforts transparently and meaningfully. As a verified member, you will receive an Actnow! badge for your website and a corresponding personalized microsite, highlighting your specific climate achievements. This is a confirmation for visitors to your website that your company is climate neutral and continuously working to reduce its footprint.

  • Advantage in talent acquisition. We provide you with all the tools and market connections you need to build a clear and specific climate action strategy. Companies that have such a strategy and sustainable development goals are generally in a better position to attract high quality talent and have higher employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

* Please note that as we're a 100% impact-driven, non-profit organization, our community is not designed for commercial deals between our members, therefore this should not be your motivation to join.

** Since we are only a small team, we cannot accept all applications immediately. We ask for your understanding.